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foot massage


Reflexology uses massage and pressure techniques to stimulate reflex points on the feet or hands.
These reflex points theoretically correspond to different areas of the body and by stimulating them the treatment can aid relaxation and improve health and wellbeing. The ultimate aim being to support the body’s own healing mechanisms enabling the entire body to achieve a state of balance and function at its optimum level.

Treatments are from the view point that the physical, emotional and spiritual state of the client is influential to a client’s health and wellbeing much the same as conventional medical treatment plans and as such, effects are usually cumulative. Therefore, clients attending with a particular health condition would find more benefit from a course of treatments. As a recommendation, usually after 4-6 treatments clients will see a change in their symptoms which should then be continued with regular treatments to maintain the effects.

Reflexology may be beneficial for the following conditions:
Stress and anxiety, Sleep disorders, skin disorders, Hayfever, Hormonal imbalances incl PMS, Menopause, Diabetes (blood sugar issues), autoimmune disorders , Digestive issues incl IBS, Muscular and joint issues, Fertility issues, Pregnancy related issues, Mental health issues, Relieve sinusitis/congestion.

Facial reflexology (Bergman method)
Using reflex points on the face in a similar way to foot and hand reflexology, this technique has the additional benefit of making the complexion more radiant and glowing giving a younger appearance.  The Zone Face Lift™ will leave you feeling calm and uplifted, relieve tension held in the face helping you to look healthier and more radiant. It supports your overall wellbeing from various aspects and is an ideal treatment for maintaining a younger looking healthy appearance.


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