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Systemic Family Therapy

Systemic Family Therapy (more formally known as Systemic Psychotherapy), helps us to improve our relationships with the important people in our lives, and with ourselves.

Systemic approaches recognise that who we are and how we feel is always in relation to what and who is around us, both in the here and now, and in our pasts. Our relationships are central to our well-being.

It acknowledges that we all, whatever our age or background, will act with our best intentions, with the resources that we believe we have, to try and make things better for ourselves and others. It recognises however, that our ability to do so safely and effectively can be diminished given how life can change things for us. When this happens our relationships suffer, and so therefore do we.

We can all manage temporary impacts on our well-being, however endured overtime can lead to mental ill-health. We may develop disorders that affect our anxiety, our mood, or our eating. We may struggle to manage our emotions or behaviours appropriately, causing outbursts, withdrawal, attachment and relational difficulties, or destructive behaviours to ourselves or others. We may try harder at these times but be left perplexed as to why things continue worsen for ourselves or those around us whom we love. We may be left feeling incredibly lost and lonely.

How does Systemic Family Therapy work?

As a Systemic Family Therapist, Jenny works flexibly and creatively with you in how we meet the need of your particular difficulties. Whilst at first it may feel preferable and easier for you to work individually, our aim will be to bring important people together into the room to listen, observe and have those difficult conversations that are so hard to have at home – in a way that offers new experiences and different outcomes.

As well as those present in the room, we will be working with appreciation of your family of origin and transgenerational themes.

There will be aspects between us that will be different, in terms of our backgrounds, beliefs and experiences. Systemic approaches are particularly attentive to how difference and diversity can help us to better understand each other.

Whilst there has been growing efficacy from on-line therapy since the pandemic, this clinic offers face to face sessions for couples and families.


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