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Sometimes life can throw up some challenging and difficult times, or there may be a time in your past that you have carried with you that’s been surfacing recently or holding you back from what or where you deserve to be in life. Maybe you have been experiencing feelings that you are not sure off and would like to explore them in a safe, supported way.

Counselling can be a great way to explore these feelings, through all sorts of issues, Anxiety, Stress, Trauma, Abuse, Confidence/Body issues, Bereavement, School, Exam pressures, Family issues, Depression.

Integrative counselling is a mixture of therapeutic modalities which helps the therapist to build a toolbox to enable the client to explore in their own time, style and way, being held in a safe, confidential space. Within all therapies, trust and relationship are key to a working therapeutic relationship.

Both Pippa’s and Sufia’s ethos is to work with you as an individual and in a time scale that suits you.


Sufia Rahman


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