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We are proud to offer a range of health related services at The Chiltern Clinic, so of course your safety is at the front of our minds when it comes to visiting us in these times of coronavirus.  We have undertaken an in-depth risk assessment and put appropriate steps in place to ensure the clinic remains a Covid free environment, and to minimise risk of infection for patients, clinic practitioners and other users at Fennels Lodge alike.

The big news of course is July 19th, “Freedom Day”; and we’re excited to announce that there will be NO changes to our clinic procedures!

Please do read through our policies before you visit, and of course please feel free to ask any questions or raise any concerns so we can discuss them before your appointment.

How we are minimising risk

We will continue to use PPE in line with PHE guidance.  This will differ according to which therapist and treatment you are visiting for.  And masks will continue to be compulsory for patients too.  As healthcare providers, our stringent use of PPE means you may not have to name your visit to track & trace if you subsequently test positive for covid-19.  This means we can continue to safely offer care for the community.  Please check with your individual therapist if this is the case.

We are leaving gaps between appointments to allow time for thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces & contact points between each client, and to allow the room to aerate.  For this reason we would ask that you arrive on time and not too early for your appointment.

And of course we are washing our hands even more frequently than usual!

Before your appointment

On arrival at clinic


Thanks for reading, we look forward to seeing you!

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