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Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a term that is often used, but sometimes misunderstood. Many of your negative feelings, emotions and behaviours are stored directly within your subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is just a tool that allows us to communicate with this part of your mind and create positive change.

Hypnosis is a completely safe, natural and beneficial process that enables you to attain a sense of deep relaxation coupled with a state of heightened awareness. Being in Hypnosis just means:-

The type of technique used by our practitioners and the number of sessions needed will be dependant upon each individual and the problems that need resolving but hypnotherapy can help with many issues:-

Any therapy relies on trust and comfort and it is important to choose the right therapist for you.  Both Angie and Pippa offer a completely confidential, no obligation and FREE initial consultation, giving you the chance to have a relaxed chat about your issues, get information on how the therapy works and to see if you are comfortable with your practitioner.




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